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Small Group Personal Training

Have you always wanted a Personal Trainer but your budget wouldn't stretch that far?
If weight loss and health is important to you and you want it at an affordable price, then you need Small Group Personal Training.

Many people prefer to train together with a partner or in a small group of likeminded people - this could be spouses, siblings or just friends. You may be at similar fitness levels or have the same health and fitness goals in mind.

Maybe you want to train for a 10km run together or lose your baby weight with other new mums? Whatever the reasons for wanting to train with a partner or in a small group – Personalised Fitness can help you!

Small group personal training starts with an initial consultation session to look at the groups health and fitness goals, aspirations, motivations, limitations and time constraints. We will also take a look at your health and medical backgrounds.

With Group Personal Training you will find:
- All fitness levels catered for
- Toning, fitness and fat loss guaranteed
- Fun, varied workouts in a positive, energetic environment

At Personalised Fitness we combine the individualized attention of personal training with the camaraderie, energy, and motivation that is present in a small group training setting. The idea is to push yourself with the help of your trainer and the other people around you. We know that every person is different and your goals and abilities don't necessarily match those of the person beside you.

Small group personal training is more focused than an aerobics class but less expensive than 1-1 personal training. It’s not a boot camp either – its more than that. It is more attention, more variety, more interaction and more value.

Simply find a group of between 3 and 5 friends, colleagues or family members who are of a similar fitness level to you, and you can share the cost (and the fun) of your sessions! Diet and nutrition will be offered in a group setting and assessments can be done as and when each individual requires it.

Small Group Personal Training sessions are just £15 per person per session.

Small Group Personal Training is available in Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire including Leighton Buzzard, Milton Keynes, Dunstable, Woburn, Flitwick, Toddington, Studham, Mentmore