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"Working with Louise has been a significant help in terms of changing behaviour patterns built up over years. I have lost 9.5” and it is staying off.
In addition, the knowledge that I am becoming physically stronger and fitter is an amazing confidence boost."
Kaye - Milton Keynes


“I’ve dropped over 2 stone in six months and have more energy than ever. The sessions are always varied, and I wouldn’t be motivated enough to train so hard on my own, or be sure of how to train following major heart surgery.”
Michael – Deanshanger


‘I have dropped three dress sizes in six months and have more energy than ever. The sessions with Louise are always varied and fun - and there is no way that I would be able to train as hard on my own. She has also given me advice on nutrition and healthy lifestyle which has been very realistic and worked brilliantly with my hectic lifestyle. I feel like a different person and would highly recommend personal training with Louise’.
Jenny – Buckinghamshire


‘I’d lost all my confidence after a double hip replacement and subsequent 3 stone weight gain. Thanks to Louise I’ve lost 2½ stone, re-gained my self-esteem and strength which I didn’t believe was possible. I never thought I’d say it, but I enjoy training’.
Jane R – Westoning, Bedfordshire


Fitness testinomialStart Weight: 15 StoneCurrent Weight: 11½ Stone I have spent all of my adult life fat- not big boned, not tall, just fat! When I used to go out on the town with my friends, all single and up for a laugh, I would always start the night by complaining about how fat I was. I heard all the clichés “you are not fat, you are tall and you can carry it off” and “but you are pretty, nobody notices your size”. But no matter how unhappy I was with my weight, and no matter how much money I ploughed into Weight Watchers, I would always lose a stone to then gain a stone and a half a few months later.

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fitness testimonialLouise has trained me now for 12 months during this time I have seen amazing results. Louise helped me to achieve and maintain my target weight by making training fun and interesting. No matter how I felt on arrival I always felt refreshed (and in a positive way shattered) at the end of our session. Louise seemed to know just how hard to push depending on my physical state at that time.


Having recently and successfully completed the Body Transformation Course ran by Louise, I would like to pay testimony to her.

Before the course I had been a regular visitor to a gym, however, it had become quite clear to me that I was, in fact, doing the wrong type of exercise.

Before, during and since the 6-week course, Louise has displayed some outstanding skills and attributes and successfully extracted my maximum potential and effort with ease.


This is just a short note of appreciation to say how much I have enjoyed working with you Louise. You have been a great trainer, both in a group environment and when teaching me nutrition and more recently as a personal trainer.